Thursday, 6 July 2017

The Importance of Customer Complaints to a Growing Business

Research shows that about 4% of customers are dissatisfied and while you would rather see those percentages at zero, most organizations that believe in their brand are not always aware that there is an issue, to begin with until there is a customer complaint and often when a customer has had an issue that is not resolved they are more likely to go to the competition.

This, in turn, places you in a tricky situation where someone had a bad experience, didn’t let you, won’t be coming back and makes it known to the rest of the world. This is why My BPO Business Complaints encourage customers to post their concerns so that they are handled in the most effective manner.

When starting up a business, underestimating the importance of customer reviews and complaints may lead to success eluding you.This is how entrepreneurs, sometimes fail to achieve the intended result, not because the goals were vague but due to poor planning and execution.
Complaintsof My BPO Business understands that it is inevitable for organizations that provide on-call products or services will get complaints. This is because organizations are always trying to raise the bar and when the bar is raised, it creates a new level of expectations for their brand from customers. This process, in turn, breaks down and results in an unanticipated event that either creates a faulty product or service.

Which is why having a reviews and complaints section for your customers can help you achieve key organizational goals that ensure there are no limits to what a business can be in terms of customer satisfaction. Complaints of My BPO Business and My BPO Business Complaint and Reviews indicate that while call centers agents are at the front line of customer service, many things can stand in the way of an optimal service provision. Here are some examples of common customer complaints according to My BPO Business today:
Due to the nature of the call center job, it can be stressful for agents to meet some seemingly impossible targets and strictures that are placed upon them, which can lead to losing enthusiasm and demoralization when addressing customers, but this can be avoided through regular training and encouraging in order to ensure an optimum level of service.

2.      A great first-call resolution rate is the most important facet of achieving customer satisfaction, but with an increasing rate of complex queries from customers, callers are forced to speak to several agents regarding a single inquiry, which in turn plummets customer experience and satisfaction.

3.      Today’s contact centers come equipped with the latest software such as credit card security applications, predictive diallers, CRM databases and workforce management tools, which can be a tricky maze for agents to navigate.

We all want a thumbs-up with each milestone achieved. A bad review provides us with room to be better. Have a look at how My BPO Business handles their reviews and complaints on their website and My BPO Facebook page.


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