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Top 5 Questions to Ask to Your BPO Solutions Provider

The business environment is getting more competitive by the day. It has now become a common practice for companies to outsource their non-core activities to one or more BPO firms. This is done with the aim of improving business efficiency and productivity. However, it is important to choose the best BPO service provider in order to avail these advantages. Here are some of the top questions that you should ask to your My BPO Business solutions provider.

Will you show me a copy of your registration certificate?

Check various legal documents pertaining to the company, primarily its registration certificate, and cross check all the details. Ensure that the BPO unit is an authentic and legal provider and not a fraud one. 

What is your experience level in this domain?

Before you choose a BPO agency, check how many years it has been around for in the industry. You can confirm this by checking its project portfolio, list of clients, work samples from existing and previous clients and more. Look at the year of registration of the business. You can get reliable services from a BPO solutions provider with a proven track record. Get feedbacks and My BPO Business Complaints from prior clients, which can aid you in evaluating the advantages that you can get by partnering with the agency.

How can you aid my business growth?

The BPO agency must be quite efficient to aid you in business expansion. Find out about the methodology, types of services and approach that it uses in improving business productivity for its clients. The company must have the right experts to deal with your project and requirements. For example, if you need help with data entry, you would need the services of expert data entry professionals. It would ensure proper and timely documentation for your requirements. Good BPO agencies such as My BPO Business use the newest technology and trained workforce, and follow strict quality control measures in order to ensure accurate results.

Can you give me a written agreement?

Do not take the word for granted. It is essential to get a written contract that mentions the entire overtime and project expenses. It should also make proper mention of the mode of payment and payment date. With outsourcing, you can lower the costs of operation and raise your revenue. A reputed BPO solutions provider that operates from an off-shore location can reduce the labor costs for you, and provide your business with BPO services that are priced affordably.

Do you offer a free service trial?

It will be better if you can get a BPO company that offers a free trial of its services for a few days. This will help you to form first-hand My BPO Business Reviews, find out how efficient its customer service is, and whether you can get round the clock technical support and customer service. Ensure that the agency offers both onshore and offshore customer service, so that you can be assured of 100% client satisfaction at all times.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Online Data Entry Projects in My Bpo Business

Outsourcing of the business task has become very much popular. There are number of tasks which a business has to handle and it is not possible to perform each and every task for a business and thus the options of my bpo business are chosen. It is possible to outsource any of your business tasks which are not relevant to your core business so that you can focus on your business and its products. Mainly the business uses the bpo services so that they can expand their business products and services easily.

            There are number of bpo franchises which you can find in your country and outside your country and get your work done. People usually prefer to go for the bpo services to get its advantages. The business can focus on their main functions and also reduce the costs. Moreover, the quality of the work is maintained at the same time. It also gets benefits of the access to the process and the resources of technology. Most of the outsourcing companies know and perk in improving the work ad also keeps on adapting the new technology so that they can give their best services.

Data entry and other tasks

            Usually the tasks like the accounting, data entry projects, payroll, etc are given for outsourcing as it can be properly maintained by the bpo providers. When you use the inbound bpo projects services you have the ability of reassigning the resources if you have deiced that you will be giving tasks for outsourcing, you might be having resources in the printing, mail, etc and when you choose the bpo provider for those services you get those resources free and can be used for the additional tasks.

            The call centre projects and the online form filling projects are given for outsourcing as these are the task which can consume a good amount of resources at the business and they can be easily outsourced. They can be given either in the country or outside country to reduce the costs. If you are willing to improve the main leverage like the costs, improve productivity, focus on business, then you need to consider the bpo offerings. Mainly a business needs to satisfy all the requirements of the business at the end of the day no matter whether they are done in the company or being outsourced. Moreover, they also need to maintain the financial stability so that they can grow in future. 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The Corner stone of My BPO Business Complaints and Reviews

You might be aware of the fact that My BPO Business is a well-established service provider with “years” of experience in the industry. The company has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Indeed, this is one of the finest business process outsourcing companies you can look up to. What makes My BPO Business special would be its edgy quality. The company has invested lots of time and money on quality assurance processes. Every product and service from My BPO Business is tested exhaustively. When it comes to customer services, the company maintains very high quality standards. That is how, My BPO Business tasted success in its business ventures. 

Sticking to Market Standards

Do you know that My BPO Business is one of the most wanted firms for customer support? Do you know that My BPO Business invests millions on quality assurance processes? These investments have helped customers with improved business strategies and processes. Apart from improving business quality, these processes can help in understanding the effectiveness of your firm. Always remember, quality assurance is an on-going process. It doesn’t start and end over a fortnight. With the help of My BPO Business, you don’t have to worry about quality! Let the experts handle it for you.

With respect to quality, My BPO Business follows many standards. This includes ISO 900, Six Sigma and Total Quality Management. Quality assurance processes can be treated as a yardstick that is required to improve business processes. In addition to these important standards, the company has few customized BPO quality measures too.

The Aftermath of High Quality

By ensuring high quality, My BPO Business Complaints was able to achieve the following:

1)      They enjoyed improved customer satisfaction. This helped companies in strengthening relationships with high-quality goods. Quality was maintained in a continuous fashion. Throughout the process, customers would remain involved and told. If you have to follow new marketing tactics, My BPO Business Reviews will tell you about them.

2)      According to many My BPO Business reviews, the company focuses on productivity and efficiency. These are two important qualities in the service/product lifecycle. All kinds of problems and flaws will be resolved by My BPO Business Complaints. In fact, they frame strategies to avoid the loss of time due to inefficient and ineffective practices.

On the whole, My BPO Business must be you next-stop for all your outsourcing needs. 

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Handling Customers with My Bpo Business Complaints

My BPO Business” is Delhi’s largest integrated Business Process Outsourcing solutions provider. The business has been around since 2010. The business delights like-minded individuals with ideas and technical support. They help business owners make a considerable amount of income. To be more precise, My BPO Business will help you start your very own Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. After you kick start your first BPO venture, My BPO Business will help you earn better revenues. That means, My BPO Business would be a part of every stage in your business. They will guide you through all possible complications, challenges and difficulties.

All About BPOs in India

The talk about BPOs would remain incomplete without call centers. According to a recent study, the demand for BPOs has increased by twofold in the past three years. Here is a brief extract on how the BPO scene in India has changed:

1)      The BPO industry in India has made more than 54% growth in revenue.
2)      The demand for BPOs in India has increased by 50%! The demand keeps increasing every year.
3)      The BPO industry in India has created more than 70,000+ job opportunities. Once again, the number is believed to increase on a yearly basis. Few years later, the sector would employee at least a million Indians.
4)      More than 70% of India’s BPOs make profit from the call centers. Around 20% makes profits through data entry and the rest are based on Information Technology.
5)      Today, India owns 56% of the world’s BPOs.

Two Fascinating Qualities

What makes My BPO Business special would be its “lively” ambiance. As you walk into their office space, you will notice two interesting things. One, they have a carefully decorated office space. Two, the office is located strategically. My BPO Business is located in Delhi. For years, Delhi is known as a hub for aspiring entrepreneurs and new businesses.

If you are planning to start a BPO, “now” would be the best time. And, experts like My BPO Business can create an effective workflow for you. Just like every other business venture, BPOs need a perfect business plan. Luckily, My BPO Business understands this and has found solutions to help you. The company has drafted many successful strategies to bootstrap the early stages of a firm. They focus on attributes like accessibility, cost and proximity to customers. These are important factors for any business.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Get to check how people found my bpo business reviews useful

Are you looking for the best quality call center job serving companies then why not follow my bpo business reviews ? Earlier some franchises were opened with their wide benefits for serving clients and arranging candidates for many companies. But now the professionals do this from my bpo business. One of the largest groups with serious candidates meant for your legal KPO and BPO jobs. But how do they help you let's have a look here?

Purpose of my bpo business:
·         My bpo services are in existence since 2010 with authority of outsourcing business.
·         If a company is in need of experts in various domains, then the only help left out for them are these domestic bpo projects.
·         Provides you with enough resources that can support you for business roll out.
·         Another biggest aspect is supporting clients to meet with their new partners through business.
·         From international to domestic all call handling services are done at my bpo business.
·         It increases your company's cash flow without any other disturbance. 

What do the reviews suggest?

As per this call center franchise of my bpo business these services are more of a job than any other loss of businesses. In fact, the work through this business is operated with the help of one man who is basically responsible for handling those of telemarketing services. Over time such category of jobs is considered to benefit client with wider benefits like:
·         People who are incapable of managing there full-time based jobs it provides them with opportunities of making huge incomes.
·         Employees work in their suitable time.
·         Other than these the companies are also seen saving their money that used to be calculated as extra expenses.

Client’s feedback:

If you have been a part of these my bpo business, then you might be aware of what reviews of my bpo business client's return. For any new business complaints and positive reviews are common. This consultant has served clients with the positive response at any time. Often finding good help is quite unfortunate which made people raise complaints of my bpo business.
Initially, though my bpo business complaints would seem unbelievable but trust it, at last, you will find my bpo business a great source of earning that too in your free hours. This is the best time for you to choose my bpo services and find more about their benefits.

My Bpo Business Reviews and Complaints from Indian Customers

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

My Bpo Business Complaints and Reviews in India

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Concept of Virtual Call Center franchise and Operations

There different types of call centres based on their operations, projects, customer handling patterns. There are call centres of different sizes as well which efficiently handle domestic BPO projects. However, it sometimes depends on the project type and according requirement of employee strength which determines the size of the call center franchise. It is not always essential that a call centre requires to be operated from an office. Call centre projects that can be handled from are even available nowadays as an option of work from home.

Virtual or Home Based Call Centres

These types of call centres as per my BPO business reviews are more like a job than any business. It is operated by a single person who usually needs to operate as a telemarketing agent or as an service operator providing service related information or sales operations. This type of home based call centre agent jobs are known for their extensive benefits.
·         Offers easy income options to people who cannot manage a full time office going job.
·         The employee can work from the comforts of home, cutting transportation hassles, office stress etc.
·         Even the company can save extra expense of recruiting employees and managing additional expenses for employees like transportation costs, food, etc. This type of employment also saves on the investments for office space.

Call Centre Sizes

Studying the general my bpo business complaints reveals that call centres are typically distinguished as per their sizes. Here, size pertains to the number of employees in the call centre; accordingly the centre is stated as small, medium and large. Moreover this employee count is judged as per the available number of seats in the office, since it is how many agents who can call at a time that counts in judging the size of a call centre. The rate of my bpo business complaints generally seems to higher for large call centres, with more than 500 employee strength working 24 hours a day in different shifts. These large call centres handle more than one process, and mostly manage domestic as well as international processes.

·         Small size call centre processes mostly have 5 to 10 employee seats.
·         Medium sized processes have almost 50 to seats for agents working in different shifts.

According to the my bpo business reviews these call centres also employ network administrators, hardware engineers, software engineers for maintain the operations within the process.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Reviews of My BPO Business Helps to Understand BPO Market Trends

Starting up your own business either a franchise or a home based business is now easier with My BPO Business reviews offering you end to end support. With more than seven years of extensive experience in outsourcing international and domestic BPO projects, My BPO Business today stands as an identity in itself. You can avail a wide range of services from this company, which has marked a foot hold of prominence as a BPO business entity in the global BPO industry.

Outsourcing of BPO Jobs

Referring to the abundant feedbacks and My BPO Business complaints which are dedicated to customers and clients, who find objections or scopes of grievances with BPO services, you will come across the mention of a gamut of BPO services. The company is one of the leading firm of BPO outsourcing in India. It offers a varied range of opportunities to start your own call center franchise or your home based business.

Home based call center
YouTube promotion
UK lifestyle survey’
Consumer survey
Data verification and sorting
Online form filing
Gmail id creation

These are only a few of the detailed list of BPO outsourcing projects that can be availed through my BPO business reviews.

Help and Support

If you are a newbie in home based business, you can accordingly refer to the reviews of my BPO business where you will directly come across customer reviews, unveiling their opinions and feedbacks in detail. This can help you to understand what type of service quality, dedication and accuracy customers expect from BPO service providers.

Even checking through the common complaints of my BPO business is also helpful to understand as well as avoid the common mistakes in BPO industry. Analysis the market, expectation of customers, studying the common complaints helps you to gauge your own performance and scopes of improvement.

Analysis of reviews helps to understand what type of work quality can satisfy customers.

Since BPO industry is all about outsourcing, it also essential to take up works which offers high payment for quality work. There are also types of work where you need to invest a lot of time but the profit margins are not worthy.

Therefore, while seeking for projects in BPO, you can actually go through some market reviews about different types of BPO projects and try out the most profitable ones if you have infrastructural support for that.

Importance of Technological Improvement and Technical Trainings for Domestic BPO Projects

Undermining domestic BPO projects is a tale of bygone days. Today with numerous government initiatives in BPO industry, that is like support for MTNL, BSNL, Electricity Department, Tax Department, as well as affluent Indian merchandises availing BPO industry services within the country, there are abundant scope for improvement and development of BPO sector within India itself. Though a prime portion of Indian BPO industry is dependent of dollar reserves of projects being outsourced by Western countries, yet the Domestic BPO industry within the country is also catching up on the race for more profit and revenue earning participation for the economic structure of the country.

Increased Demand for Vernacular Support

In India still a huge portion of the population does not speak English. This includes all types of age group. However, if you consider certain services which has easily reached out to extensive percentage of the population, like mobile services, electricity, taxation services, gas service, etc you need huge number of employees to offer back end customer care support for these services in vernacular language so as to be helpful for all. Therefore, the demand for setting up domestic call center franchise is steadily increasing to meet up the market demand.

India Emerging a new Global Strength

Not only because of politics, army or nuclear power of the country, but India today is also recognized for its steadily strengthening economy, and BPO industry plays a huge role behind this. As per the complaints of my BPO business people seek for customer care support in their easily accessible language Hindi. Moreover, with growing demand for marketing, banks, insurance companies, telecom services, etc prefer telemarketing with the domestic boundary to promote products. Reviews of my BPO business definitely clarifies the benefits of adhering to updated BPO technology implementations in India to support the extensive BPO industry.

Scope of technological Improvement and Training

Since in India there is bulk amount of BPO works, domestic as well as international projects, upgrading the systems of the BPO companies with latest security parameters, updated softwares, improved gadgets and technical edges is essential to gain positive my BPO business reviews from national and international clients.

Besides, improving the technology, and training the employees to handle customer with improved technologies and professional approach will also reduce the scope of my BPO Business complaints enhancing and strengthening the ground of India in global platform as strong, active, operational and technologically advanced BPO industry hub.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Best Business Set Up Advice and Assistance with My Bpo Business Complaints

Initiating and starting up a BPO business takes a toll of hard work, research work on the market scopes, rate of growth, prospects. Even after that there are lines of work ahead in setting up a business of BPO or KPO. Referring to my BPO Business reviews lets you get a glimpse of the market at once.

How does My BPO Business Complaints Helps

Adhering to the essential complaints and reviews from prospective clients and customers of the relevant BPO or KPPO sector you are willing to establish a business, helps you to understand the requirement of your potential clients and customers. Adhering to the market integrated reviews helps you to get a specific market oriented overview of the sector as a whole. Moreover, this service helps in you setting up a BPO or KPO or LPO from the scratch.

Working Style

As you have a concept of a proposing business in your mind, my BPO Business reviews serves to bring that concept into reality. Working right from the basic requirements of framing concepts and idea to sketch the entire plan of your business, till management of required finance, managing funds, you can look forward to everything with this service. With an extensive experience in settling and rooting BPO/KPO/LPO businesses, My BPO Business Complaints helps you setting up a new business.
·       Plans the business set up, convert the entire process of settling business from a concept.
·        Gathers idea, concept, and your goal in business and ideologies to create best business plan.
·         Assigns the team that would work for you. Again reviews of My BPO business also helps in arranging recruitment and settlement of employees.
        It helps you to get a business name, or call centre franchise name, get proper license and also helps in marketing your business with best and latest technologically advanced marketing methods.
·         Design the best business plan for you, arrange finances, develop marketing strategy, business development plan, analyse market competitors with the reference of complaintsof My BPO business so as to design the best suited business plan that can easily attract clients and customers.
      The legal requirements of any business are also an equally important issue. The company also arranges proper legal advice and financial management in assistance with an efficient accountant.

Not only BPO business but you can derive equal assistance and comprehensive business settling guidance and professional expertise even for settling call centre franchise. There are definite legal requirements and business design for setting up franchise of BPO, adhering to which is highly essential to acquire success.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Read My BPO Business Complaints To Get the Best

When you are going to take support from any BPO services it is necessary that you read about the My Bpo Business Reviews. You must be thinking about that why you should read about the reviews when you can ask some friends and colleagues about the help that they have got. We will cite you reasons that why it is important to go through the My BpoBusiness Reviews and take the best decision while taking assistance in your business processes.

Can learn about any issues

There is no doubt that the services that are rendered by My BPO business are unmatched and you will find almost no My Bpo Business complaints, but the world is large and your friends are colleagues are not the only people who have taken the service. So, when you are actually planning to take help from My BPO business you must read about their reviews. With it you can learn about what the other parties think about them. It will help in growing your confidence and you can handover the work to them without any further thoughts.
Even if you find any complaint then you can know that this is their weak area and you ah veto discuss with them before handling any call center projects to them in that area.

Know about the various services offer

It’s true that in order to know about the various services offered you do not need to read reviews but you can visit the website and you will come to know about the different services. However, when you read reviews you will find that you can exactly know the nature of support that they are providing as the people while writing reviews will explains their experience. So, in this way you will be in the advantageous side.

Like, you may find that they offer Work from home service, now what is it all about? It may not be sure to you. If you read different reviews you will find that some or other person has referred to the help that they have got in terms of work from home. So, it will be clear to you.

Get sure that you are doing business with someone who exists for years now

By reading these reviews you will be able to be sure that My BPO Business is running successfully for years now and has a number of satisfied customers all over the country. You can also check My Bpo Business Facebook Page & Twitter Page

Monday, 10 July 2017

Growth of My Bpo Business without Complaints

Business process outsourcing (BPO) involves the contracting or outsourcing of business processes or operations to a third-party service provider. The aim of outsourcing is to help a company focus its available capacity on business-critical processes. My BPO business is a typical example of an outsourcing company. MBB has been the largest integrated business process outsourcing firm in India since 2010 with strong technical know-how on the complexities of licensing, outsourcing and capacity to help your business reach its peak. At My Bpo Business Reviews, we do not underestimate the power of our customers. We appreciate their belief in us and waste no time in addressing any issues they may have in the cause of our service.

While you would rather want customer satisfaction to be 100 percent at all times, it is usually difficult as some companies do not have appropriate communication channels to entertain customer complaints and suggestions. My BPO business complaints understands that organizations that provide on-call products like ours must inevitably have some not-so-good reviews. For this reason, we encourage customers to post their my bpo business complaints in the most effective manner so that they are handled. This is because while some customers may not be totally satisfied with a product or service and always ensure they send their complaints, some others just move on to the next competitor in the business. We recognizes the importance of customer reviews and complaints of my bpo business in reaching our targets and goals and in ensuring the only way we go is up.

Due to the impact customer complaints and reviews have on business, My BPO business takes this seriously. Recent studies have shown that about 90 percent of customers read online reviews first before they decide on whether to make a purchase or pay for a service. This is why it is very important for organizations to ensure that their employees are top notch. This will protect your business interest and help your business gain new leads so long as proper management, techniques and strategies are maintained. My BPO business complaints not only concerns themselves with on-call projects or customer satisfaction but we also help people to start their own call center business. We provide inbound, outbound, domestic and international call center projects. We also offer part time jobs and work from home options are also available.

While it is close to impossible to provide perfect service 100 percent of the time, at My BPO business Reviews we do our utmost to ensure customer satisfaction is second to none in the business process outsourcing industry in India. We recognize the importance of your complaints and our on-call projects are tailored in such a way that we receive 100 percent ratings from our customers 99.9 percent of the time. You can rest assured that you be getting the best possible service money can buy at an affordable rate when you trust and believe in our service. We await your calls, patronage and responses as we continuously ensure we improve only to meet your needs.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

How to Outsource a Customer Support Center Successfully

What is BPO ?

Business Process Outsourcing, commonly known as BPO is outsourcing your business process to an external service provider. The aim behind outsourcing is to ensure that your business can concentrate on their core task, while other tasks are outsourced to professionals. This allows your business money and space that will be spent on hiring an in house team. Today, there are a number of BPO services offered, such as production, research, creation, customer support center, HR, etc.

What Does My BPO Business Offer?

My BPO Business is offering you an opportunity to start your own My Bpo Business franchise, where we will be providing you with call centers that are inbound, domestic, outbound, and internationally. My BPO Business can easily help you set it up as we offer part time jobs, and even offer users work from the comfort of your home. As they are capable of offering you the best, as My BPO business reviews are off the charts.

Why My BPO Business?

My BPO Business, is one of the largest consulting company in the country, and the reason behind their success is simple. My BPO projects aim to offer customers the best services possible, which allows My BPO business reviews, the best reviews. There are a number of BPO projects that they offer, and that have pleased their customers a great deal. The reason behind the successful closure of this company, are the way we approach them. My BPO Business complaints have been successfully closed, each and every one of MyBpo business complaints the company has received. The reason behind My BPO business reviews and complaints success rate is simple, they offer clients exactly what they are after. However, that is not the only thing they are offering.


When it comes to building and maintaining a successful business, you should take all the help you need. Which is why My BPO business offers a team of professional who have been working on BPO projects for almost a decade now. These professional offer great insights on the BPO business, and help clients avoid mistakes they have learnt from. The My BPO business complaints and reviews team helps new bies each step of the way, as that is the key to their success.


With the help of the largest BPO business, clients that are looking to enter the BPO world will have a great advantage at hand. As My BPO business is more than capable of offering call center franchise, and other BPO projects. My BPO business offers outbound call center projects, form filling process, international call center projects, data entry projects, local inbound projects, and other BPO projects.


My BPO services, are offering clients a number of BPO projects, which are specially designed to help clients achieve their end goals. As the company takes on both, local, national, and international clients. While ensuring they are offering the same quality services.


If you are looking for experienced workers in the field of BOP services, then you have found the perfect candidate. As MY BPO business offers you well trained, and well experienced workers. My BPO business reviews success are enough to ensure that the services provided by the company are more than enough to keep the customers happy. The reason why you should choose My BPO Business is simple, as there are two main things you look into, when you are looking to outsource. First are the reviews, and the second thing is the firm's experience, and My BPO business reviews are amazing, and the reason is their experienced workers.


My BPO Business is the best outsourcing provider, that offers excellent customer support services. It allows businesses to maintain a healthy relationship with their clients, and market. My BPO offers a great system that ensures amazing reviews, and no complaints.

If you are looking for a dependable and steady guide, then My BPO business reviews should be your first choice when looking into creating a call center franchise. We know that outsourcing could be a risk, as your company's reputation depends on it, but with My BPO, you will never have to worry about a single thing. These are the advantages you achieve from hiring a company that does not only have a good standing reputation, but is well trusted in the community.

My BPO Business Review in Delhi Provides Solution

Thursday, 6 July 2017

The Importance of Customer Complaints to a Growing Business

Research shows that about 4% of customers are dissatisfied and while you would rather see those percentages at zero, most organizations that believe in their brand are not always aware that there is an issue, to begin with until there is a customer complaint and often when a customer has had an issue that is not resolved they are more likely to go to the competition.

This, in turn, places you in a tricky situation where someone had a bad experience, didn’t let you, won’t be coming back and makes it known to the rest of the world. This is why My BPO Business Complaints encourage customers to post their concerns so that they are handled in the most effective manner.

When starting up a business, underestimating the importance of customer reviews and complaints may lead to success eluding you.This is how entrepreneurs, sometimes fail to achieve the intended result, not because the goals were vague but due to poor planning and execution.
Complaintsof My BPO Business understands that it is inevitable for organizations that provide on-call products or services will get complaints. This is because organizations are always trying to raise the bar and when the bar is raised, it creates a new level of expectations for their brand from customers. This process, in turn, breaks down and results in an unanticipated event that either creates a faulty product or service.

Which is why having a reviews and complaints section for your customers can help you achieve key organizational goals that ensure there are no limits to what a business can be in terms of customer satisfaction. Complaints of My BPO Business and My BPO Business Complaint and Reviews indicate that while call centers agents are at the front line of customer service, many things can stand in the way of an optimal service provision. Here are some examples of common customer complaints according to My BPO Business today:
Due to the nature of the call center job, it can be stressful for agents to meet some seemingly impossible targets and strictures that are placed upon them, which can lead to losing enthusiasm and demoralization when addressing customers, but this can be avoided through regular training and encouraging in order to ensure an optimum level of service.

2.      A great first-call resolution rate is the most important facet of achieving customer satisfaction, but with an increasing rate of complex queries from customers, callers are forced to speak to several agents regarding a single inquiry, which in turn plummets customer experience and satisfaction.

3.      Today’s contact centers come equipped with the latest software such as credit card security applications, predictive diallers, CRM databases and workforce management tools, which can be a tricky maze for agents to navigate.

We all want a thumbs-up with each milestone achieved. A bad review provides us with room to be better. Have a look at how My BPO Business handles their reviews and complaints on their website and My BPO Facebook page.